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Google Dublin Office - Ireland

This summer I will be working at Google Dublin Office as a business intern. Thanks to my experience in management consulting and B2B market, I will help businesses digitalise by assisting them both individually and broadly to build their online presence and grow. (More details are coming after the internship)

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McKinsey & Company Istanbul Office

In Mckinsey & Company, as R&I intern, I supported my team in the collection, analysis and synthesis of data. In other words, we were responsible for providing the necessary information or insight that is needed to solve a specific management consulting problem.

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Vodafone Turkey

Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunication companies among the world and plays a critical role in the competitive environment of Turkish telecom market. it taught me to surround myself with people who pushed me to my limits. I worked as a financial decision support intern in B2B market and helped the company maximise its profit by creating financial models and doing feasibility tests for the scenarios. In other words, my team was responsible for making sure that Vodafone is making its investments properly.

About Vodafone

2019 can be translated into English as "calculate your sleep." This website(and application) is to help people get the most out of their sleep. When to sleep and wake up is cruical for everybody but the majority of people are not aware of it's significance. This is the reason why exists. It calculates the best time to sleep in order to wake up feeling energised and refreshed.



Bogazici University

Bogazici University presented unprecedented scale and diversity of opportunity. My four years of phenomenal professors across the disciplines pushed me to expand, challenge, and adjust my worldview.

Bogazici showed me what I love to do, gifted me with a love for learning, and surrounded me with a wealth of inspiring peers.

Culture of freedom is maybe the most remarkable utility of being Bogazici University student. The culture gives you freedom, freedom makes you take real responsibilities, and you start challenging yourself.

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