Hi! I'm Furkan Ozturk

I'm a senior management student at Bogazici University, living in Istanbul-Turkey. Even if my core area mostly expands on business-related issues such as finance or marketing, I'm also a good fan of economics.

Besides my academic life, I'm currently working at McKinsey & Company Istanbul Office. Thanks to my experience in management consulting and finance, this summer I'll be working at Google Dublin office to help businesses digitalise.

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My Adventure

Here's what I've done so far

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Google Dublin Office - Ireland

Four buildings located in the heart of Dublin’s historic docklands district! With over 47’000 m2 of unique office space, the campus represents an amazing workplace for Google’s ever growing sales, marketing, finance and engineering teams, coming from more than 65 countries and speaking over 45 languages.

Dublin Office is Googles EU head quarter and hopefully this summer I will be working there as a business intern. Thanks to my experience in management consulting and B2B market, I will help businesses digitalise by assisting them both individually and broadly to build their online presence and grow. (More details are coming after the internship)

About Google


McKinsey & Company Istanbul Office

McKinsey helps their clients solve problems and the clients are often leading businesses, investors, governments and non-profits.(Client base differs from country to country.) Mckinsey has built up critical expertise in key areas. Thus, when clients face mission-critical challenges or problems that require that expertise, they engage with Mckinsey as an efficient way to resolve the issue. Sometimes clients also can engage to have an objective, third party opinion on a major decision that they are making.

I was working for Mckinsey & Company as an R&I intern and I was responsible for supporting my team in the collection, analysis and synthesis of data. Specifically, my team was in charge of providing the necessary information and insights needed to solve a specific management consulting problem.

About McKinsey & Company


Vodafone Turkey

Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the world and plays a critical role in the competitive environment of the Turkish telecom market. it taught me to surround myself with people who pushed me to my limits. I worked as a financial decision support intern in the B2B market and helped the company maximise its profit by creating financial models and doing feasibility tests for the scenarios. In other words, my team was responsible for making sure that Vodafone is making its investments properly.

About Vodafone



Uykunuhesapla.com can be translated into English as "calculate your sleep." This website(and application) is to help people get the most out of their sleep. When to wake up and sleep is crucial for everybody but the majority of people are not aware of its significance. This is the reason why uykunuhesapla.com exists. It calculates the best time to sleep in order to wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

Visit UykunuHesapla.com


Bogazici University

Bogazici University presented an unprecedented scale and diversity of opportunity. My four years of phenomenal professors across the disciplines pushed me to expand, challenge, and adjust my worldview.

Bogazici showed me what I love to do, gifted me with a love for learning, and surrounded me with a wealth of inspiring peers.

Culture of freedom is maybe the most remarkable utility of being Bogazici University student. The culture gives you freedom, freedom makes you take real responsibilities, and you start challenging yourself.

Discover Bogazici University

5 Random Things

Probably you don't know much about me, Let's fix it

  • I pursue passions
  • I believe in change
  • I prefer coffee over tea
  • I love eating well
  • Dogs like me

My fav quotes

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  • Life is a journey, not a destination
  • Try to invest in ideas that matter
  • Make your life a masterpiece, you only get one canvas


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